Ruby fuchsite wand

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1pc intuitively selected ruby fuchsite wand roughly 55-75g 2-3” length 

Ruby Fuchsite

  • resonates strongly with the Earth’s energies and uses her vibrations to rejuvenate our life force
  • allows us to “root” back into earth with an open heart that has begun healing and strengthening
  • You will soon notice how often you begin to speak from your heart, and not from all the toxicity that once surrounded it
  • One of the more powerful stones but will not be overwhelming to sensitive or new users
  • enhances our ability to communicate with the spirit realm
  • great meditation stone that will help transmit messages through the third eye to the heart, where they can be better understood
  • To fully self reflect during mediation, it is recommended to work with Moldavite alongside Ruby Fuchsite (Moldavite assist in the full transformation of yourself while also aiding the Ruby Fuchsite in the opening and healing of the heart)